Winning consistently and treating fans like loyal customers is the simple yet devastatingly effective recipe used by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to create a global 12-months-a-year brand and a devoted following of more than 20 million die-hard supporters, said Venky Mysore, chief executive officer of KKR and of the newly formed Cape Town Knight Riders.

He spoke at the unveiling of the team at PPC Newlands, where Jacques Kallis was confirmed as head coach and JP Duminy announced as skipper of the Cape Town Knight Riders.

The enthusiastic Mysore said the past seven years the KKR has been rated one of the two most successful Indian Premier League teams. They have regularly played in the first match of the season.

They are also one of the biggest sporting brands in India.

The Cape Town Knight Riders will also play in the first match of the Global T20 League on 3rd November at PPC Newlands in Cape Town.

After winning the Indian Premier League in 2012, there were 100 000 KKR fans in Eden Gardens in Calcutta to celebrate and the half a kilometre to the stadium around the open bus took the team two hours to complete as 500 000 people demonstrated their vocal support.

One of the plans used by KKR was to implement an application so that loyal supporters could sit on the same seat every year and also receive food and beverages.

They also included a personal delivery of tickets to a certain percentage of their fans who could not buy tickets in a different way.

The team has already purchased the Trinidad Knight Riders, who in their first season, won the Caribbean Premier League and is currently at the summit of the log.

KKR also played games at Florida in their quest to broaden and deepen their global imprint instead of just being content with playing the abbreviated and high decibel period in April and May in the Indian Premier League.

The Cape Town Knight Riders is the start of a new chapter. “When we approached Cricket South Africa, we said we would be interested to be part of the Global T20 Cup, but only if we are offered a spot at Cape Town, and they gave it to us,” Mysore said.

JP Duminy, the Cape Town Knight Riders’ skipper, said it was vital for the Knight Riders to train in the local community and in that way, to attract and consolidate support for the Newlands matches.

He said such a move would be imperative.

Mysore said brand building and synergy are important factors in order to grow a company like KKR.

“We have a fan club called the Knight club, which shows how creative our advertising team is.

“We have also introduced a frequent flyer program apart from Facebook and Instagram. We want to unlock value for our fans,” he said.

On the field the Cape Town team selected and finalized on Sunday boasts four or five all-rounders, good openers and also the right fire-power to keep the winning culture alive, Mysore said.